What is the application process?

The borrower first assesses how much he/she can afford. The indicative sheet below provides estimates for a Personal Loan at 18% p.a.

Loan amount 3 years 5 years
Monthly installment Expected income Monthly installment Expected income
$5,000 $181 $363 $128 $255
$8,000 $290 $581 $204 $409
$10,000 $363 $726 $255 $511
$15,000 $544 $1,089 $383 $766
$20,000 $726 $1,452 $511 $1,022
$25,000 $907 $1,815 $639 $1,277

Our team helps customers by walking through the application process. The borrower can start by calling CIMB Call Center or talk directly to Personal Finance team. During the discussion, the borrower can expect to answer questions related to personal background, employment, income, requested amount, loan purpose, assets and outstanding debts, and other relevant questions. A home visit by Personal Finance team is mandatory. This is to confirm the home address of the borrower. After the bank receives all required documents and is satisfied with the applicant, credit approval will be given in three to five working days. All loan approvals are at the sole discretion of the bank. Disbursement will require one additional working day.

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