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How does CIMB mortgage compare with those offered by other banks?

  • Our rates and product features are very competitive in the industry and are substantially lower than rates offered by property developers.

  • The loan amount is determined by repayment capacity and the value of property to be financed.

  • We have extensive partnership with most of property developers and Borei.

  • We offer loans with very long tenors (up to 25 years) and high LTV/MOA (up to 80%).

  • We have three different home loan products customized to suit the customer’s purpose, whether it is for a new house, old house, new construction, home renovation, refinancing or personal use.

  • We disclose all interest rates, fees and charges up front, so customers know what to expect.

  • We have dedicated Relationship Managers who consult, listen to the customer’s needs and walk customers through the application process.

  • Customers can request additional loan anytime.

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