How does a borrower repay the loan?

At the time of loan application, the bank requires the borrower to open a new CIMB saving account, if needed, and to set a standing instruction. Loan system will automatically debit from this saving account on the first day of the month, if there is sufficient balance. The borrower can top up the saving account through Cash Deposit Machine (USD only), CIMB branch offices, or transfer from other banks using domestic fund transfer or FAST transfer. 


Domestic fund transfers take one business day; FAST transfers are instant. FAST is limited to KHR. If the transfer amount is in USD, it will be exchanged to KHR before FAST transfer.

FAST transfer amount FAST fee  
KHR1 - KHR4,000,000 KHR4,000  
KHR4,000,001 - KHR20,000,000 KHR8,000  
KHR20,000,001 - KHR40,000,000 KHR12,000  

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