What is the application process?

A borrower first assesses affordability by studying his/her own income, family expenses, assets and liabilities, and weigh these factors against the new loan for a dream house. The borrower must prepare to pay up to 30% of the house price as down payment, and uses CIMB loan to pay the remaining 70%. The gross monthly income should exceed total monthly installment by two times. Below is an indicative sheet for a 25-year mortgage at 8% p.a.:

Loan amount Monthly installment Expected income
$50,000 $390 $800
$80,000 $624 $1,300
$100,000 $780 $1,600
$150,000 $1,170 $2,400
$200,000 $1,560 $3,200

The relationship manager will walk through the application process with the customer, beginning with asking for personal information, employment, income, property price/location, requested loan amount, own assets and outstanding liabilities, and other relevant questions. It takes 2 to 10 working days to complete credit assessment. If application is approved, the customer will be given a letter of offer with stated loan terms and conditions. If the customer accepts the offer, the bank will provide the full loan agreement, mortgage agreement and other documents for signing.

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