• Current Account

Comes with a cheque book – Allows you to make large payments via cheque at your convenience

No fees for local money transfers within CIMB Bank

Easy access at ATMs 24/7

Complimentary monthly statement

Easy access with Internet Banking

Visit your nearest CIMB branch and bring along the following documents for applications:

  • National Identification Documents of all authorized signatories and Directors, Shareholders, and Partners, where applicable
  • Board Resolution, Business License, Business Registration Certificate, Articles of Memorandum and Patent
  • Initial deposit required at a minimum amount of USD 1,000

Our Relationship Managers will be more than happy to assist you.

Types of Charges Charges

Annual Fee


Local money transfer within CIMB Bank PLC


Cheque book fee with 25 leafs


Closing of Account (within 6 months of opening)


Call Our Customer Contact Centre:
+855 (0) 23 988 388