No businesses have a perfect and smooth operation and progression flow. With a concrete business plan and risk management policy, you can minimise the losses or harms in your business from any unforeseen storms in a rainy season.


Cash flow problem is one of high-risked issues in doing a business. It is fortunate if you haven’t meet cash flow problem yet. However, you should be well-prepared and be ready to face this challenge in your business.

Sales forecasting

A business can be survived due to its sales volumes. As business owners, you should often review and increase your investment along the way. While every business misses sales forecasts at one time or another, why can the incorrect sales forecasting lead to a cash flow problem?


If your business misses to satisfy the expected demand, and you haven’t solved this concern on time, your business can be lead to the financial loss. For sure, your cash flow problem is coming. On the other hand, growing too fast in your business is a good investment, yet also a problematic issue due to the lack of reserved resource and cash flow.


In both situations, a strong sales forecasting and analysing are the healthy food for your business. Never underestimate the risk around your business. An emergency cash reserve should be there for at least three months ahead due to the forecasted expenses. And make other ways to get more reserve cash if needed.

Balance Credit Terms

An efficient cash flow management in business is partly from structure credit terms between customers who pay you and the suppliers you pay. Though you have a payable reserved funds and few other ways to get more cash, the imbalance cash in and cash out will stuck your business sooner or later.


To solve this, you will need to negotiate with your supplier for a long-possible due date for the payment. Then, you can set an appropriate payment date with your customers as well. Otherwise, you need to deduct the due date from customers to prevent the cash flow problems.


On the other hand, you play around with the payment term to encourage your customers to deposit and pay on time with different methods such as promotions and discounts on your products and services.

Regular Payment by Customers

You run your business for profit with customers. You improve your products and production circle to meet the expectation and delivery deadline. However, you don’t see the payment in return. For sure, your business will face the cash flow problems or even bankrupt without payment from the customers.


Sometimes, your close customers are not able to pay for your goods because they are out business or bankrupt. While you are find the solutions with this customer situation, you will need to use your reserved cash or find more funds to run the cash flow. And a business loan should be applied.

Business Loan or Overdraft

Living without banking is like you prefer walking to driving. Secure your business cash flow by apply for loan for a partner bank. A good deb helps you grow and sustain your business.


CIMB Bank’s business loan provides you an in-need amount on time with a competitive interest and flexible tenure. If you are  a current account holder, it is convenient and quick for you to withdraw additional funds from Overdraft with no fixed repayment schedule.


Don’t wait until everything is too late. If you find that your reserved budget won’t be able to effort your emergency cash flow problem, you should apply for a loan as soon as possible. Then you won’t be stuck with this situation. As you know, a good loan credit eases you to access to faster loan approval and bigger amount.

Trade Finance

A risk of cash flow problem is when you pay your supplier, but the goods is not transported as the set date. You are even concerning more on this if you are in the business of international trade.


To secure better working capital financing method and build confidence between you and your business partner, you should look for a trusted financial partner.


CIMB Bank offers you a competitive range of trade finance products and services to meet all of your international transaction needs.





This article is brought to you by CIMB Bank as part of our ongoing efforts to raise the level of financial literacy among Cambodians. Financial knowledge and understanding are key to making well-informed and meaningful financial decisions that will improve all our well-being. This, in turn, achieves CIMB Bank’s purpose of advancing customers and society.