Cheque and or Card
Internet Banking


To apply, visit your nearest CIMB branch and bring along the following documents:

  • National Identification Documents of all authorised signatories and Directors, Shareholders, and Partners, where applicable

  • Board Resolution, Business License, Business Registration Certificate, Articles of Memorandum and Patent

  • Initial deposit at a minimum amount of KHR4,000,000

Our Relationship Managers will be more than happy to assist you.

Fees & Charges

Types of Charges Charges
Annual Fee KHR40,000
Local money transfer within CIMB Bank PLC Waived
Cheque book fee with 25 leaves KHR20,000
Closing of account (within 6 months of opening) KHR40,000
Dormancy fee (per year) KHR20,000
Change signatories and conditions KHR20,000
ATM card annual fee KHR24,000
Bank confirmation (with 2 original letters) KHR40,000
Monthly statement Free

Additional statement

   ≤ 1 year

   > 1 year