• Same-day telegraphic transfer

Enjoy same-day money transfer to and from MIST countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand at no additional charge. Simply effect the transfer before 12PM. The beneficiary will receive the fund by 5PM in the respective country's local time.


Quick Transfer

Your money can be transferred within the same business day.

Special Rates

USD 18 flat rate when transfer amount below or equal to USD 10,000

Free Cost

Same-day transfer process at no additional cost.

Fees and Charges

Outward transfer to MIST* countries  Service Charges

≤ USD10,000

USD18.00 (flat)

> USD10,000

0.17% or minimum USD 5.00

Plus USD 15.00 cable fee

*Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand


Visit any of our branches nearest to you and bring along the following documents for applications:

  • National Identification Document (NID)/ Identity Document Issued by an official authority/ Passport & Work Permit (for foreigners).
  • Information of the Recipient i.e. Name, Identification Number, Account Number of beneficiary and/or other relevant information.


Our Relationship Managers will be more than happy to assist you.

Call Our Customer Contact Centre:
+855 (0) 23 988 388
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